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Lease Programs

Businesses choose Lease Corporation of America because they can acquire the capital equipment they need at a low, fixed monthly payment. With LCA, you choose the equipment and vendor – they provide the financial support. LCA has the resources to make the process simple for you and beneficial to your budget.

Why should you lease through LCA?

  • Fixed Payments: Unlike loans and credit cards, your monthly payment is fixed throughout the term. It will not vary with interest rate changes.
  • Preserved Credit Lines: Your monthly lease payment does not use your bank credit lines. Most financial institutions will reduce your available credit with each new loan.
  • Affordable Down Payment: LCA doesn’t require a large upfront down payment. Most leases require two payments in advance instead of the 20% mandated by bank loans.
  • Finance Soft Costs: LCA allows you to include software and other soft costs in your lease. One lease, one payment, everything included. Simple.

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