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H.L. Flake History - Est. 1912


Herbert L. Flake opened H.L. Flake in 1912. It began as a bicycle company but in the following years added locks and keys, material handling supplies, lawn and garden equipment, and yes, even the air rifles, skates and wagons you see depicted in this 1956 Bicycle Business Journal ad.

Things have changed a bit over the years and while we have decided to focus on locksmiths supplies, we are still committed to providing the same great value and service that we have offered since 1912. Herbert Flake passed away in 1960 and his daughters, Annie and Marie, took over the reins until their retirement in 1988 when they sold the company to Daniel Floeck, Jr.

When asked his business philosophy, Dan responded “We are here to supply locksmiths, to the best of our ability, with competitive prices, a broad on-hand inventory, quality products, same-day service and innovative technology. We do this while following the “Golden Rule”. Beyond this, we support the customer. From time to time something can go wrong in the sales process, and when that occurs, we will correct an error quickly and fairly. Although the customer has been harmed, I feel he or she will be as satisfied as possible. My three children are in the business and it’s important to their future for us to be responsive. We are interested in their business 20 years from now, not just today’s dollar. We know that without the customer, we do not have a business.”

Mr. Floeck’s background is in retail and wholesale. Prior to purchasing H.L. Flake, he ran 70 auto parts stores and their distribution, as well as several bicycle shops. His experience with computers has helped the H.L. Flake Company to grow 30 fold since 1988. The accounting software by Microsoft and the internet web site leads the industry. This technology, when blended with an appreciation of the day to day difficulties of running a retail business, allows the H.L. Flake Company to meet the customers’ needs.

Our sales staff has over 100 years combined experience and several have a background in locksmithing. Over the last twenty years we have added over 16,000 line items to our inventory. We now have over 21,000 different items in stock and the most beneficial freight program in the industry. Our shelves are full and we look forward to filling your orders.